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Personal Leadership Is Where It Begins

  • To Know Yourself Is to Lead Others
  • The Untapped Potential of Women Leaders
  • The Rewards of Personal Leadership
  • A Leadership Philosophy that Works
  • The Journey to Successful Personal Leadership

The Challenge Of Conditioning

  • Redefining Women’s Leadership Roles
  • A Great time for Women
  • Challenging the Effects of Conditioning
  • Your Unlimited Potential to Succeed
  • Conditioning through One’s Environment
  • Conditioned Self-Restriction
  • Learning from Mistakes and Setbacks
  • Encouraging Others to Succeed

Building A Positive Self-Image

  • The Importance of a Positive Self-Image
  • Self-Image and Leadership
  • Strengthening Your Self-Image
  • Enjoying the Freedom to Choose
  • Preparing for Leadership Opportunities
  • Living with Positive Expectancy
  • Attitude is Everything!

Understanding Motivation

  • Motivation and Needs
  • Understanding Our Basic Human Needs
  • Traditional Approaches to Motivation
  • The Power of Motivation through Attitude
  • Motivation and Your Meaning for Life
  • Commitment to a Single Purpose
  • Defining Your Personal Life’s Mission

The Power of Goal Setting

  • The Importance of Values
  • The Principles of Goal Setting
  • Five Steps to Successful Goal Setting
    • Step One: Crystallize Your Thinking
    • Step Two: Develop a Written Plan with Deadlines for Its Attainment
    • Step Three: Possess a Burning Desire
    • Step Four: Develop Supreme Confidence
    • Step Five: Keep an Iron-Willed Determination
  • Goal Setting Helps Balance Family and Work

Affirmation And Visualisation

  • The Power of Affirmation
  • Types of Affirmations
  • Why Affirmations Work
  • Guidelines for Writing Effective Affirmations
  • Visualization and Imagination
  • Visualization and Your Leadership Priorities

The Challenge Of Leadership

  • Integrating Personal Goals and Leadership
  • Planning for Group Accomplishment
  • Attitudes for Leading Others
  • Sharing Power with Team Members
  • The Art of Empowering Others
  • Delegating with a Purpose
  • Tracking Performance
  • Trust Earns Respect and Equals Productivity

Time Management

  • Time is Your Friend
  • Types of Time Problems
  • A Positive Time Programme
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Organizing Time
  • Managing Time
  • Controlling Your Time

Communication And Persuation

  • The Importance of Good Communication
  • Planning the Total Message
  • Breaking Down Psychosocial Barriers
  • Communicating Verbally
  • Communicating Via E-mail, Fax, and Memo
  • Using Your Power to Persuade

Your Destination - Personal Fulfilment and Leadership Success!

  • Dreams Become Reality
  • Your Widening Circle of Success
  • The Rewards of Leadership
  • The Leadership Challenge

Mentor by Becris from the Noun Project

Why Leadership Coaching?

A leadership coach is your career GPS that helps you navigate the complexities of the workplace,

overcome your beliefs, bias, and position yourself for success.

Leadership coaching  is one of the essential tools you need in your toolkit to advance your career.

It increases self-awareness as well as develops and maintains effective interpersonal relationships.

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