Women In Leadership

An Individually Structured Coaching Program

Dare to be the leader you want!

A 3-month  program to develop your leadership abilities, growing your self-belief and your impact.

If you are a  business woman  or a woman in a  leadership position, this program  is tailored for you. Getting ahead and staying ahead  in today's fast-paced working environment is complex and you are likely to face  many challenges, often in a  male dominated environment. Organization politics and gender bias can affect you at any point in time. This may create internal  barriers I lack of confidence I impostor syndrome. You might hesitate to network and self-promote and avoid internal  company politics because you doubt yourself. All these factors contribute to your lack of advancement. An individually tailored coaching program can  help you find ways to deal with this and open up the future for you.

This program enables women leaders to acquire new behaviours, new perceptions, new beliefs and daring in order to develop their own leadership style to reach meaningful goals.
  • Build  leadership strength from your identity, expertise and function
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Improve the effectiveness of your communication
  • Unlock some of your fears or self-sabotage
  • Work on your time management
  • Learn to accept and lead with vulnerability and humanity
  • Develop your assertiveness
  • Develop your self-confidence
  • Learn to lead with your emotions
  • Use your emotional intelligence
  • Develop your political intelligence and networking

Maintaining (finding) your balanced life style in order for you to feel fulfilled at work as well as in your private life is a motto for me. This will allow you to express your full potential and to use this to reach greatness. We explore these points as well as others based on your personal goals. Remember coaching is a process and other subjects may emerge during the course of the programme as this is an individual learning path!

Free Discovery Session

Free Discovery Session

This program is individually tailored based on your specific goals or achievements that you would like to attain. Typically we will find and agree on these during the discovery session, although you may already have some or all of these in mind. Coaching is a learning process and a powerful development tool for the individual. It is a beautiful journey, and it is a safe place, non-judgemental and confidential (strictly governed by our Code of Ethics).

During the initial discovery session we will together explore the process and decide if we can work together. Coaching, as I live it, is based on trust and we both need to feel comfortable with each other for this to be an effective means of development. This is the first step in the coaching program, and if we decide that it does not make sense to proceed you will not be charged any money for this session.

Reserve Discovery Session

Program Includes

Discovery Session

1 individual Discovery Session is included. See more about the Discovery Session and how to reserve it above.

6 Coaching Sessions
Cultural Orientation Framework Assessment

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Why Leadership Coaching?

A leadership coach is your career GPS that helps you navigate the complexities of the workplace,

overcome your beliefs, bias, and position yourself for success.

Leadership coaching  is one of the essential tools you need in your toolkit to advance your career.

It increases self-awareness as well as develops and maintains effective interpersonal relationships.

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